Swap them all!

Don't move your windows from one display to the other.
Move all windows from your main display to your secondary one, and the other way around, at once. Also, you can swap front most application windows or just front most window.
Swap them quickly using a keyboard shortcut or even easier with a systemwide menu icon.


Customize Swapp to fit your way of working.
  • Open at login: launch Swapp every time you log in to your Mac.
  • Show in system wide menu bar: uncheck to hide the menu extra icon.
  • Click action: choose your most frequent kind of swap and run it with a click.
  • Mouse button: left or right click on menu extra icon. The other one will show the menu.
  • Instant swap: short of resources? Disable the swap animation.
  • Disable sounds: mute all sounds.


Customize Swapp keyboard bindings.
  • Swapp all windows: move all windows from main display to secondary one and the other way around.
  • Swapp front most application windows: move current focused application windows from main display to secondary one bring to main the ones on the secondary display.
  • Swapp front most window: move focused window from its current display to the other one.


List of excluded applications.
Manage a list of applications that you don't want to swap.

Menu Extra Icon

Click to swap + menu.
  • Click the menu extra icon to get a menu.
  • Click with alternate mouse button to swap.
  • Choose the click-to-swap mouse button in General preferences.


Swapp 1.0

  • Swapp is compatible with Intel 32/64 bits Apple computers.
  • Requires Mac OSX 10.6.6 or later.
  • Requires a secondary display (monitor, iPad, etc.)
  • English, Español, Français, Italiano, Русский,
    Svenska, 简体中文, عربي, 日本語, Nederlands, Deutsch, 한국어.